The underwear drawer

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My husband and I appear to be pretty similar. We are both tall, skinny and have easy-going temperaments.  There are however some very distinct differences between us. These can most clearly be seen in our [...]

Is time management a waste of time?

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Still struggling with time management for yourself and your team?  Feeling overwhelmed by the ‘To Do’ list?  You are not alone.  So perhaps it’s time for a different approach?   One of the most common [...]

Is sitting really the new smoking?

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A while ago, a new catch phrase started doing the rounds, namely that ‘sitting is going to be the next smoking’.  And the more I think about it, the more I have to agree - [...]

What is Sensory Intelligence®?

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Knowing about your senses (see+hear+touch+taste+smell+move) and how they respond to your daily environment is important and can make a huge difference in your life. How does it work? It is based on primitive, unconscious brain-body [...]

Your brain is your biggest asset

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”It is thousand times more powerful than the worlds most powerful computer…and it’s all yours!” Tony Buzan The top part of your brain is called the cortex, it can be described as the CEO of [...]

The auditory sense

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The AUDITORY sense is a primary sense we use on a daily basis to process information from the environment. It is vital for communication, interaction and performance. * Our ears are “switched on” 24/7... * [...]