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Stress is going to kill us all

I met with a client last week. I was sitting in front of this beautiful, successful, young business woman. She runs a tight operation for a large corporate team and escalated their profit margins significantly. She is creative and innovative and very much in touch with what goes on. She asks questions and challenges her [...]

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Team-building with a difference

Does your team tick or get ticked off? Being part of a group is an inherent need of humans. People need people to feel safe, validated, needed, useful and important. A cohesive group should meet the needs of each group member, and should have similar goals and strategies to meet these needs. But what of [...]

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The top five New Year resolutions for corporate teams

Although New Year resolutions can become quite trivial and petty; having some goals to start your year is important.  Setting them are easy; but achieving and maintaining them the difficult part.  People behaviour and effectiveness are the core focus of our work and a key to organisational success.  We challenge you to incorporate the following [...]

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Interview with Dr Annemarie Lombard (Part 1)

Sensory Intelligence® Consulting was founded by Dr Annemarie Lombard in 2003. She has a PhD in Occupational Therapy and practised with children with learning difficulties for 15 years. She works with a group of esteemed occupational therapists and facilitators to deliver Sensory Intelligence® as a training and development tool in South Africa and abroad. We [...]

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Interview with Dr Annemarie Lombard (Part 2)

We had a chat with Annemarie about the Sensory Intelligence® journey and how it came into existence. In part one, we looked at the differences between Sensory Intelligence®, EQ and IQ; how Sensory Intelligence® relates to Autism; and a peek   into Annemarie’s own sensory profile. Part two takes a look at the journey to [...]

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Sensory Intelligence®: Our five senses and perception – how we can change our world

“A ‘normal’ person is the sort of person that might be designed by a committee. You know, each person puts in a pretty color and it comes out gray.” ~ Alan Sherman Individuality and conformity Every person is an individual. This is the one clear thing we know about ourselves. We are each a product [...]

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Staff all Squeezed Out?

The business world, regardless of industry, is competitive, constantly changing and target driven. To remain a leader in your industry you need to be relentless about customer excellence, innovative in your thinking and implementations, and need to go the extra mile to retain your staff.  This is especially true for open plan office environments where [...]

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Cool, cooler, office water cooler

If you are taking the time out of your busy day to read this, it’s likely that you are brain dead… in need of a brain break. BUT, you would rather remain seated reading this because taking a break entails the following: A dereliction of duties. A cost of time you can’t afford to waste. [...]

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