The underwear drawer

My husband and I appear to be pretty similar. We are both tall, skinny and have easy-going temperaments.  There are however some very distinct differences between us. These can most clearly be seen in our underwear drawers. Opening my husband’s underwear drawer you will find neatly folded, colour coded undies in orderly piles. There is [...]

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Stressed and Overwhelmed

We are fast approaching the end of the school year, and teachers are starting to face the onslaught of demands that comes without fail at this time of the year. The stress of having to finish curriculums, set and mark tests and exams, report-writing, sporting and other extracurricular activities is compounded by having to negotiate [...]

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Staff all Squeezed Out?

The business world, regardless of industry, is competitive, constantly changing and target driven. To remain a leader in your industry you need to be relentless about customer excellence, innovative in your thinking and implementations, and need to go the extra mile to retain your staff.  This is especially true for open plan office environments where [...]

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Sensory Intelligence®: Finding a career path as a sensory intelligent person

Everybody experiences the world differently, approaches tasks differently and often sees solutions from entirely different angles. We always assume that this is purely to do with our characters – our inherited or learned attributes which gives the world a different colour for every pair of eyes. ‘Different strokes for different folks’ as the saying goes. [...]

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Back to school tools for back to school blues

Just when you thought you had all your silly season shopping done and dusted and that you would not have to put a foot back into a shopping mall again until at least March, you remembered about the long list of stationery and clothing requirements that needed to get ticked off before sending the kids [...]

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Classroom strategies for optimal learning

Often in life the simplest changes have the most profound influence with longer lasting effect. When taken in context of our learners in their classrooms, the slightest environmental change can have a dramatically positive influence on their learning that is more easily sustained. Classrooms by their very nature are busy environments and our busy students [...]

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School and the sensitive child

Doors CRASHING, ear splitting SCREAMS, wind HOWLING, BLINDING lights, alarms BLARING, people CRASHING in to you… This is how someone might describe an emergency evacuation or a disaster scene in a movie. Imagine if this is what an average day at school feels like. This is often the case for children who are sensitive to [...]

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Sensory inventions

I have recently spent a large portion of my time researching and reading interesting articles about how the senses work and the brain mechanisms behind it all. During this time I came across the work of Thomas Edison who we owe our music listening pleasure to. He was hard of hearing and had been interested [...]

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Sensory smart teenagers

The onset of adolescence is a very challenging time for both teens and their parents. It is a time that is marked with rapid changes, and it is also when many expectations are placed onto teenagers – academic and sporting responsibilities, social pressures, the development of self identity and emerging freedoms. With increased independence come [...]

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Cool, cooler, office water cooler

If you are taking the time out of your busy day to read this, it’s likely that you are brain dead… in need of a brain break. BUT, you would rather remain seated reading this because taking a break entails the following: A dereliction of duties. A cost of time you can’t afford to waste. [...]

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